Priscilla's Adventures

So today was beautiful out. The best day yet in Seattle. The weather in the morning predicted a high of 77 and sunny all day. So there was no way that we were going to stay inside. So after exploring the arboretum yesterday, we decided we should go to another one of Seattle’s parks: Discovery Park, but first we’d stop off at the locks. Just to be clear, we’re talking about the boat elevator kind of lock. Anyways, it was pretty fun to stand in the sun and watch the boats be lifted up and then down. But after a couple times, we moved on to the Salmon Ladder. Apparently when there are locks in a river, salmon trying to go up the river will literally hit themselves against the locks till they die. So to prevent this, a salmon ladder was created for them. Fortunately for us, windows were also installed in the ladder so we can see the fish go upstream. It was pretty interesting for a while. The salmon didn’t seem to be in as much of a rush as I would have expected. Most of them just chilled in the current. While we were there we also saw a seal in the river (not in the fish ladder) which was pretty cool. He was probably trying to grab some of the fish on the while.

After getting bored of the salmon ladder, we decided to make our way to Discovery Park, which we knew was only about a mile away, so we decided to walk. For some reason, we decided to not look up directions. So instead of finding Discovery Park we found the Discovery Park Visitor’s Center. It was an abandoned building that didn’t look structurally sound, with the grass overgrown outside it, and broken glass surrounding it. The picture above doesn’t quite do it justice of how run down it was. Anyways, we decided not to go into the visitor’s center, and went across the street instead.

Across the street was a field with long grass, and bleachers. We couldn’t fathom why the bleachers were there since the field didn’t look like it’d make a good sports field even if it were mowed. So the only things in the field were the bleachers and a brick rapunzel tower. You can see the picture of the tower above. We were trying to think of what the symbol on it is, but we can’t. Do you have any ideas? Anyways, behind the tower there was a set of stairs. And down the stairs was a door. The door led into a concrete basement below the tower. The room had a set of blocked off stairs, a large pulley, stalactites, stalagmites, and 8 large ovens. We explored the hallway that went behind the ovens, but it led into a dead end. I wish I knew what that was doing there. We couldn’t figure out who would have put that many ovens and a tower in the middle of the field, and what they would have done with it. 

After we had fully explored the tower basement, we decided to head towards Discovery Park (the correct way this time). The walk wasn’t totally without incident; a foot ball was lost into a thicket of thorns. Saving it became a group effort that ended with many scratches. 

Once we had braved thickets and abandoned buildings, Discovery Park seemed tame by comparison. It was a nice place to wander about for a while, and we ended up even finding a beach in it. 

And now, i smell like sunscreen, I have a slight sunburn, I am covered in scratches, and I feel like I have had an incredibly successful weekend.